A lot of people know of my story,
But not a lot of people know my story.

Well, let me introduce myself,
My name is Money but some call me
Bucks, Dollar, Naira, Rands and all those sweet names.
I am definitely everyone’s lover.
The root of all evil.

I didn’t understand what the statement meant:
“Money is the root of all evil.”
I asked God to bless me with a Mercedes AMG Sport
But he decided to bless me with a paying job
To buy the Merc for myself.

Indeed Money is the root of all evil,
Back in the day I used to be a people person.
Everyone loved me, everyone praised me,
Until I got a job
Then suddenly everything changed.

I am no longer the sweet kasi guy,
All because of money.
This thing is so evil, where was it even invented?

I was involved in a car crash,
I killed an innocent young pupil crossing the road,
They took me to court but I won the case,
Because I have money, it opens all doors,
If anyone today can ask me who’s Satan
My answer will be definitely Money.
Money is Satan, money is evil,
Money is the most dangerous weapon
From the darkness kingdom.

Oh money!
Oh money!
Kazi wavela phi? (Where do you come from?)
I strongly think money made up of blood,
From a different race.