The hurt, the pain
Keeps on knocking me down
I’m struggling to keep myself sane
But a voice tells me, “Girl, fix your crown”

Every day I fight silent battles by myself
Hiding the obvious truth that I need help
The voices of the world keep on
Throwing stabbing words at me.
The struggles of the world keep on
Clinging their painful claws into me
But I console myself with the words
“Tomorrow everything will be fine”
Tomorrow no tears will you cry
Tomorrow brings you closer to your victory
The pain of yesterday will be nothing but history

Greater joy is on its way
Happiness will float within you every day
So hang in there, child
God is surely on your side
Keep this in your dear heart
That tomorrow is another chance
To try again and make life great
Slowly but surely the scars will fade
And the wounds will close
So don’t cry any more
Just smile and strike a pose.