I never realised what kept them intertwined.
I tried to copy them, but I failed,
I did what they were not doing but it didn’t work for me.
I had mine but it was not like theirs
My jealousy grew rapidly, hatred resulted.

At ease they were,
Love was present.
They cared for each other.
Peace, and happiness were their daily breakfast.
I brought them nothing but tears with my sharp smile,
I got between them, leopard-baboon battle resulted,
I stood back like a cub while I spat my venom on them.

Today I’m crying and nobody is there,
Instead of them, my sword tore me apart.
My words pushed the world away.
All I am left with are wounds screaming for care.
My reddish marbles are swimming in a salty ocean,
Waves hitting and splitting the water endlessly on my cheeks.

Dear heart, you got sore and stood against my peace.
Imaginations killed my goodness, as if I ever had it.
At the end I learned, there is no recipe for love and happiness.
Forgiveness is what I am seeking, but help is what I need.