I stand at your grave
Breezes of loneliness waft around
My vulnerable shivering soul
Gloom and loss begin to drizzle
Tears so rich in sorrow I shed
Remember me, Daddy

Acidic thoughts that corrode the brain
And the memories etched on my mind
Like a tick that sucks blood
Wasps of stress that sting the soft mush
Of my brain
Remember me, Daddy

I stand at your grave
And stand mouse-still to hearken
The secretive voices of your that hisses in the air
A dark bottomless void left around me
My soul, a yawning hollow empty hole
That echoes with loneliness
Remember me, Daddy

Oh! Father
I wish I would get even a mere day
So that I would pour out to you
The words in the inner core of my heart so enshrined
The words that itch forming pus in my heart
Tears are my daily bread
The memories grow roots deep into my brain
Like a maggot in the cavity of a decayed tooth
Remember me, Daddy

Fear and loss melt me to elastic catarrh
Yet still hanging to a diff of comfort
Comfort that moth and rust destroy
I yield no rheum at the end of a chronic night
As the gruesome thoughts shoo away my slumber
Remember me Daddy
An absence in my heart
A wound internally bleeding forever
I perceive you also yearned to live long
But the typhoon of death tousled your plans
But only what I solicit to you
Is for you to remember me