Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that will last throughout the year
Friends laugh and smiles until their eyes break into tears
Candles lit and blown without fear
As new cakes are unveiled and cut into pieces
Real happiness penetrates into the hearts like a spear
Filling life with surprise and joys galore
On this special day as we wait for even the more
Of birthday wishes unto you dear

So, on this special day
I would like to say to you
Hope you will always find happiness in whatever you do
As you strive and let all wishes come true
And never let this special day rot
So that more candles we should light
And climb up the ladders of old age on a wagon
Made up of years and months
To the top until heaven do call

But don’t forget to recall
This happiness and all the more
That this special day will give birth to

Put another candle on the cake
Give it another life so that it should glow till the next hour
As we wait for more and more candles from friends of ours
Be glad that you have strength to blow them all out
Smile, laugh and cheer as you let the past fade away
Eat, drink and satisfy yourself and give strength to the new seed
The seed will blossom into endless happiness and success
On this very same special day

Wishing you a happiest birth day yet
A birthday too difficult to forget
So many smiles
So many tears
So many cheers
So many laughs
So many wishes
Above all so many drinks and more life
As enemies couldn’t pass by
But made a turn
And gave you a pat on the back
Wishing you a happiest and more special of days

It’s your birthday but I can’t be there
But I will send you a little prayer
May all your wishes come true!
As you add more and years to your life
Don’t be afraid of old age, it comes with wisdom
See I’m older than you
And you are not older than anybody in the world
You just match up your age
And you are just at the best position of success
Never for a single day dare to worry
As I wish you a happy birthday

All friends wish you a happy birthday from their hearts
Because it’s in the hearts where true wishes start
May your birthday be a happy one!
And don’t even let your day be spoiled by someone
I will send you soldiers just to make sure your day is awesome

I will send you teachers just to teach you that today is your first January
Chase away liars, people that deceive you that a year begins on the first January
I will send you dancers
Just to spice your happiness
On your birthday that is here
I will pray to the Almighty God
God bless you and always be near

I hope that it’s the best birthday that you wished to have
I believe all the candles on your cake go out with the first puff
For then your wishes will come out, sparkling true
Know that roses are red
Violets are blue
Stop complaining I’m older than you
Shine and be a bright morning star
Let all the ones you love cheer
And say how you feel

May your problems be less!
And your happiness be more
As you grow up and explore
Venture into the field of adulthood
And say goodbye to the special group
May your day be filled with hugs, kisses and more wishes!
But most of all, today is your day so say wow!
This poem is your present so laugh hehehe!