I desire a real good guy
I can imagine he will be my soulmate
What is a soulmate?
It’s a partner who shares the same
Thoughts and personality
Who loves and cares for you
But is it real or fantasy?

Love is a beautiful feeling
At his first gaze I shivered with chills
My stomach turned and turned with curiosity
Wondering if he was coming my way
I trembled, I was stuck like a nail in the ground
His first words made me feel warmth in my stomach
I couldn’t gaze at him for long
He couldn’t keep his eyes off me

I know I am
The world disappeared in front of me
He was adorable
His first kiss was a promise of good things to come
He wouldn’t want to see sadness or tears
On my face but always brightened up my day with smiles

He showered me with warmth
His touch made a vein throb in my head
Something awakened in me
Every day I was reminded I was beautiful
He talked to me as his equal
I never met someone like him

Why did I have to kiss plenty of frogs?
Why didn’t the right soulmate pave my path?
Suddenly the thin cloud vanished
I am back to the real world
I was dreaming, it was a fantasy!