I have a lot of love to give, and I’m cautious
not to give it to the wrong person.
I’ve been hurt by the ignorant, and therefore
have learnt my lesson.
But without forgetting that God is
forever living –
I’m now READY to give the best
love I’ve ever given.

I’m no longer angry. No longer hurting.
You’ll be lucky to have met me.
I’ll be your greatest blessing.
My love will amount to everything, and know no limit.

I’m READY to love selflessly.
I won’t treat you like dirt, because I know nobody deserves it.
So you won’t regret me, that’s the promise I’m making.

The biggest gift comes in small packages.
Thus I’m prepared and fit — for marriage and kids.
To have a family. To give myself entirely.
To have no reservations. Or harbour forgiveness.
Just room for me and my best friend.
My lover and husband.

I thank God for another chance.
Nothing is a coincidence.
Realising, that marriage is more than a contract –
it’s friendship and confidence.