Too many people
out at the Rylands Library

a Winter Chess Tournament
it is run in alliance with
the Friends of the Library

Too many people
(usually a negative)
they expected 50
over 100 turned up

a logistical nightmare
that staff were happy
to contend with

after all our emperor-ex
has said that chess helps
to train young minds
(he himself a player)

(of the game of chess
lest you heard me wrong)

(by the by the pass rate
improved in his home town)

Too many people
I see young girls
chessing away

are they too

Too many people
not on planet earth
but at a library-local
just up your street

young minds in training
are you training yours

Great fun was had at the June holiday Chess Tournament at the Rylands Library (3 July) – as we can see from the Cape Argus article they posted on social media (“Reading the next move at tournament”).