There is no denying that your power is enormous
There is no denying that it is extremely venomous
You will eat me alive and spit me half-expired
You have taken most of my friends and allies
You have robbed me of a lifetime of memories
I shall not engage you anymore
For you betrayed like you have never seen me before
All that confidence you gave me
You never hinted that it was borrowed
All that joy I felt
Never realising I was all alone
You were with me daily
But at night it was my thoughts, shadow and I
You fed on me like a parasite
And I, like a fool, enjoyed the ride
For a while there, I was inflated
The mirror being my closest friend
You patted me on my back
So that I would not notice the slap on my face
Oh so deceitful you are
I am glad your deceit I managed to conquer