I admit she was priceless
And I was never allowed to put a price on her
The tag “sale” was an insult
But that didn’t mean I could break her

She was light
How her eyes sparkled like crystals
But that never meant she had no fear of lightning
How one day it will strike
And she would lose her eye sight…

The queen of hearts they called her
How she had a power to confuse Homo sapiens
When the deck was full…
They called her an illusion

She was hunted and lured… Like an animal
The thought of being called pretty,
Then fat after a “good for nothing”
Made her feel less of a human
But more of a Goddess…

Having been stomped on a couple of times
She felt degraded….
All those loud empty promises
Believing those who promised to take her to the ends of the world
But forsook her before the initial position
Never made her lose trust in the goodness of people
And I had to admit she was priceless