Everything seems so different, so new
New faces with different facial expressions,
The strange thing is they all show happiness
Everything feels new, so unique
Yes I feel like I am in a foreign land
Everyone looks stress-free, looking around
I see happy people,
All I can hear is loud voices cheering,
I feel lost in the mist, all around people
Wonder about day and night,
The bing-bang and shuttering noise of
This place is really strange

A beautiful land indeed,
Its beauty clearly describes the joys and the happiness it is filled with
A world where no one cares
And everyone dares,
Yes a world where one can feel like a
Refugee, unknown and unwanted at arrival
What a surprise? The citizens of this land
Are so friendly and loving
Naughty and stress free is their definition
In this world love is in the air,
Poor strangers like felt the love
A small strange town filled with peace and harmony.
Being new in a strange place,
It’s weird at first sight, after examination it is the place to be,
All worries become jokes through admiring the wonders of this strange place,
A strange good feeling I felt, I feel new on earth,
Being new in a strange place brings changes in life.
This strange place is a small town known as Dordrecht