Every morning is life’s way of saying
That no matter how dark past you’ve
Had, there will always be a new beginning
Out there as long as your willing to be Patient.

Being happy, sad, gloomy, excited,
Moody and stable are options presented
To you every morning you wake up. Wake
Up with the right choice to go forward and
Never look back.

May the morning sun rays give you energy
To squeeze out every drop of your talents
And abilities to rise above the rest. Didn’t
You hear the birds? They were chirping
Saying wake up its your precious morning.

Its good to dream big but your dreams will never
See the light of day if you don’t let the morning
Be a positive start. Even the smallest thoughts
Have the potential to become the biggest of success

Chances usually runs out if you keep on missing them
But chances provided by the morning are infinity.