Let the African child cry,
Cry like an African,
They are living in fear,
Too scared to play
With friends, scared of
The ruling government.

Children are given guns and
Sent to war zones
They fear for not of
The blood. African child
What a place you live at,
You are being seduced to
Assassinate, assassination
Is what you do best,

At an early age they already
Know your skills, the skills
Of carrying the guns, you are
Being sent to war zones to

African child I fear for your
Life, you know not of what
You are doing, you have become
One of them, you are an African
Child who has forgotten the roots,
The roots of the nation. You are
An African child, born with
Principles, with morals.

Yet you have forgotten all about
You have forgotten your roots,
You have forgotten your ways,
Your forefathers’ doings.
You are an empty soul,
You are an African child with
No value,
You have no purpose.
You are a murderer,
You are an assassin,
An African child with no