Is very subtitled in mind
While it kills forest of misery
Hope no one minds.

This is midyear at Varsity in adversity,
Where one eats his or her own brain
To keep licking intelligence.
Of course days spent are so hard like apartheid adversity,
Where there is scant life freelance.

Beauty of ladies is flowing generously as fall of petals,
Their looks diminish before exams;
Books are opened before night falls.
These loud voices are only for study groups scams.

The smiles dwindle as “no” falls,
Down to my lips and their hearts anticipate for taking,
Hatred is drawn as strings of guitar and it makes bad sound to listener.
Badmouthing is filled with mouth scar scolding,
As twinge of day eats grass, I became success refiner.

Reclusion of self to them is like ghost,
They don’t find me lost in their hearts as daily bread.
I am lost between my real me and them, I found no host.
My heart is fed with unfolding word.

This has taken my smiles away as I can access my lips with self-love,
I am an introvert.
I can take you away for little as tell, as night drove,
Not everyone will get me as an introvert.