Do you really know yourself?
Or are you just a collection
Of people’s opinions of you?
Is that why you rarely
Look yourself in the mirror?
Are you afraid if you look hard enough
You won’t recognise the person
Staring right back at you?

You are light and darkness,
Life and death.
You are two people,
You live in two worlds,
But you’re not at home
In either one of them.
Look within yourself and embrace
The contradiction that you are.

Lie to us and
Lie to yourself.
Tell yourself those “likes” do not matter,
Tell yourself you are happy
With your height and size.
Tell yourself you love your complexion,
Black is beautiful right?
Tell yourself people’s opinions of you
Do not matter.
Tell yourself you are comfortable
In that tight short skirt.
Tell yourself you’re working hard
To get that six pack not to impress anyone.

Are you happy?
Is every action you take really spontaneous?
Live carefree in a perfect world, forget your pain.
Forget your insecurities and forget your truth.
Lie to yourself,
We all do.