To say that we don’t get along, that would be so wrong
To appear as if I don’t care, that would be really wrong
To think like you don’t exist, still that would be very wrong
Permit me to say this, dear friend
That I don’t act like it
That I don’t say it
That I chose to be silent
That doesn’t mean you’re not dear to me
Permit me once again, dear friend
To say that if at all it seems like it
Like I’m careless
Like I’m out of your world
And you’re truly convinced about that
Take it as a humanity signal
Respond by moving on
Only remember this, in this life’s journey
We are all learning
To fulfil life’s purpose is our mission
And those who learn faster
Life’s beautiful picture they catch quickly
Waving away unnecessary thorns
Thank you, my dear friend
I’m glad you came my way