Let me make it clear, spotless as blue skies
This is for you, my dear
Hopefully, it won’t inflict offences

Perfect is not I nor my soul
I’m just like you and the rest
Wandering, wondering in the crush of my thoughts
Trying to find pleasure in their tides
With hope I’d bring heaven to every soul

In the midst of my provoking cruise,
Sharks I kill and conquer
Truthfully and mindfully

In this hour of spiritual decay,
Tears of my spirit, which is mourning
Flood down my ego in my thinking
In these sinful lands which were caught snoozing

Pass me you ear, let me scrub your fear
These lies you must tear
And leave them rear

These phantoms you must crucify
They don’t deserve thy bow
For they en route thee to the desert
There, thee shall perish of dry throats