Blood pressures astound all
Bad pleasures, as tales unfold,
Intensifying at speed of sound

The cushy clouds
Can’t stop or hold
Or delay the fall

As my mind wages wars
At my heart’s ragged sword
Slicing my sense of proud

Sentimental heartbeat’s loud
Turmoil of infatuated thoughts
By my insecurities’ low

Self-esteem, and skin-deep claws
Morose cuts and verbal blows
Which love left, last time around

Disguised as a timid playground
Of role-play and submissive roles
Beneath a lustful eye’s applause

Round of shameless, misled cause
Of defenseless, conflicted, aroused dose
Manifesting in moanful sounds

Blindly, intimate slavery unbound
Like an open hand pricked by rose
As though, this love, I chose

Until an overdose of climax pours
And regretful thoughts unleash a morose
Emotional betrayal of sound (astound)

Before I blunder, plunge and fall
Down beside the clothes in close
Range with your bleeding toes