There I was minding my own business when you decided to introduce yourself,
There I was not wanting any ‘friendship’ when you decided to befriend me,
There I was running away from you and there you were waiting at the exit,
If leaves could sing they would be singing ‘I told you so’.

The root of all the constant interactions was something that one felt and the other just hobbied.
We dug a hole deeper than my height, we removed all other third possible parties,
Removed all negativity and concentrated on me and you, On us.
Our differences not mattered, religion not mattered, family and friends not mattered.
We threw everything in this hole and planted a tree.
We watched it like proud parents as it grew, it grew to a height higher than mine, than yours.
It bore beautiful green leaves every season, it gave shade when scotching hot, it gave shelter during the rain.
It was just an ordinary tree when we stood and exchanged words, months later it became a symbol
Years later it became a memory.

Have I just been ambushed?
What is this?
Why didn’t you tell me of this third party? Wait, I was the third party!

Trying to remove this memory
I push this tree to move so that I can dig to take out all I threw in the hole.
I want to take out my feelings from this hole, my thoughts, my smiles, my promises, my hopes, my commitment
My pride, my foolishness, my yes, my I love you and I love you too’s.

Can this tree move, can this memory disappear, can I not plant another tree?