It used to be a house of respect
Where our leaders used to congregate and discuss real issues that affected the country
But what I am seeing today is totally different from what I thought was
Maybe it was my own perception of parliament
People we have elected to represent us in that upper house are physically fighting
There is no respect at all
We have no confidence in our leaders
Leaders who lost their lives I do not think this is the freedom they fought for
They never fought for corruption but equal access of services
Hector Peterson would not be in the 1976 match
if he knew that even today higher education institutions would still use Afrikaans as the main language
Nelson Mandela would not have spent many years in prison
if he knew that some of the leaders would build mansions with tax payer’s money
South Africans need to bring back the dignity of parliament
Parliament is a place where different people with different colours meet
And discuss way forwards