Open wounds
Widening and deepening
As the vultures around me
Feast off my sores
Feed off my soul

And still mock my pain
Chasing me away
Like a pot of leftovers
Spitting onto me
Words of treachery
With the same mouth
That eats my bread
Drinks my blood
And licks my bones
From dusk till dawn
Until I’m thrown
Into the ground
With a thrusting sound

As words of distaste
Distance themselves
From their dirty lips
And oxygen of my flesh
Leaves their hips with heaps
Of unweighted meats

Last gossips stuck
Between their
Mindlessness muck
My name slipping off
Their dirty tongues

Before ungrateful burps
Float away
With memories of I
The greedy vulture’s eye
Lurking in the lies
Of friendship’s loyal
Smiles of dirty dismay