My love, you can never be my
medicine because if you are
my medicine, I will be calling
your name only when I’m ill

You are my life because without
you in me, I am nothing, but rather
a fairy tale for the unborn embryo
you are the reason why I open up
my eyes every day from my dreams

with a happy face cemented on my
face for you,
fill my dream with the
ingredients of happiness
you are the reason why a smile never
hides from my face for your existence
my life makes me forget that there
is a war that is always dancing in Iraq,
your love shades away my memories
that people are being shot with poverty

My life was never perfect until I found
you swimming in my feelings like an
athlete for you always swim in my
waters the way Chambo swims in the lake
Malawi, I will never get visited by loneliness

A day can never die without your love
flowing in my body like blood, for your
love is thicker than water in my soul
a minute can never tick without thinking
about your endless love, a sun can
never shine in my heart without you

Inside my heart for you are the light
that brightens the sun inside my heart
my life was never easy walking inside

The wilderness of desperation until I
met you, you are who you are for you
are the greatest treasure I found in my heart