… This scene turns grim fast
hail falls big and fast,
raindrops fall like a hail of bullets
here aboard this vessel,
upon the axis mundi.
See her rage…

The helmsman holds course as best he can
waves beat the Warwick side to side,
Earth handled by nature’s best:
Tie the sails down fast!
Or else we will be dead,
up and down, left to right
she rides the waves…

The sea has become razor blades,
surface tension unbroken by the pure mass of mother’s weight…
Her rage deepens,
Mother’s daughters have come to play.

“Wave!” Shouts an oarsman,
So mighty in her stance…
In dead rear of the Warwick,
She could swallow a fleet whole
down in a single swoop!

All stop there on the spot and repent,
this could be her last…
Pray thee to thy god,
and bid farewell to thy family and friends
and fellow shipmates.