I wasn’t aware I loved you
this much, until I realised
I won’t be seeing your beautiful
eyes again.
I know you way over
an anniversary,
but part of you will remain
with me for eternity.

You brought joy and sunshine
into my life when I swam
in darkness and despair.
It had to be God
who deployed His favourite angel
to come remedy my long pain.
Now, without warning, He’s taken you back,
leaving me torn and lost,
so unfair!

Thank you for believing in me
more than I did.
I will miss your unsolicited advice
and overwhelming care.
Thank you for the
unconditional love.

I will miss your sunny nature
and school-girl laughter –
kleva ya Nzhelele.
You are one of a kind,
Jeanette Ramabulana.
I wish I was there,
seeing you off
to your last place of rest.
God knows.

Thank you for teaching me
prayer and the value of family unity.
You fought to have me back home,
so that we could become one.
I’m taking up the fight, “I’ll find you home”,
Nyanenge wanga.