If I happen to leave my mom behind
Tell her to heal and grant me goodbye so I can be at peace.
As I was no match under the sun.
We too shall meet again soon.
Pardon my manners but I plead with you to read me no Bible
As I was never a fan though I had faith in the Lord.
Instead let the young poets read their scriptures,
They know my pain better not the pastors.
Force no girl to wear skirts, anything black is fine.

There might be strangers who want to say one or two things
Allow them not these family members who never cared.
If by any chance I’m funereally covered
Use 50% of that money to buy uniforms/stationery for the disadvantaged kids.
25% of it should buy sanitary pads for my queens.

As my coffin goes down I dare you to hire a pianist to play slowly.
Finally. Take most of my garments and give them
To the right hands in any orphanage home of your choice.
My apologies if I asked for too much.