Ohhh, my goodness! What’s
Happening with me. I saw
An angel on my dream,
Oh can’t believe it!
Beautiful and glowing
Like a heavenly angel.
When I woke up,
Guess what? Let me tell.

A pen and a white sheet
Was on top of the table
Nearby my bed. Calling
Me to whispers about my
Dream. Without
Hesitation I jumped over
The page. I held roughly
The filled stroke so it
Could crack the page.

As I pointed my page,
My dream flashed out and
Began. “I was lying in
The bush, like I was an
Abandoned orphan.
Dressed up with a tore
Garment, there came a
Beautiful angel. My mind
Was blown, it was like I
Lost my real self.

The angel whispered in my
Ears with a sweet deep
Voice. “Edson… Edson…
Eddie!” I opened my eyes,
Was magic. The background,
The voices, actually the
Dream was magic. The bush
Turned to be a holy mountain.

All things were colourful,
Signifying that they were
Meaningless to me.
Only the angel was glowing
And dressed
In white. She was meaningful
To me. Suddenly my tore
Garment turned to be a
Red gown. She helped me
To stand and
On my head she lay a crown.

There played a plaintive
Song, dedicating about our
Distance. She held me near
And kiss. “Eddie, goodbye!”
She said. I remained
Alone in my unoccupied space.
I cracked to death.

“Oh! Oh! No! No! Damn”
My filled stroke remained empty!
I left the page on the desk
With my plaintive dream. It
Seems to be out of the thin
Air but sufficient enough to