I have a request to ask questions.
Why are we called demons?
Why are we not accepted by our parents?
Why are we being judged?
Why are we not supported?
Why are we not respected?
Why are we hated?
Why are we the victims?
Why is our love classified as a sin?
Why are we questioned on our dress code?
Do you know our stories?
I guess that’s “NO”.

Let me tell you a little about me.
I am a Lesbian,
I grew up in an orphan home.
Lost my parents when I was seven years old.
Now I have grown up like this.
I don’t know my parents’ background.
I am in the middle of nowhere to be found
But I thank God I am still alive.
And I have a family who adopted me,
accepted me as I am.
Who knows where I was going to stay
without a shelter, food and clothes.

We all have different stories to tell.
We all are human beings.
God loves us all.
Don’t judge us
for being the people we are today.
What’s wrong dating the same gender?
What’s wrong with my dress code?
Only God can judge us.

Let us not be victims
to our parents and community.
We are in need of your protection.
Give us love and tenderness,
support, respect and guidance.
Most importantly, accept your children
as they are.
Don’t chase them away.
Where will they go?