A moment of silence,
This year hence, it will be forgotten,
as all come and go,
these lands so cruel, Once you fall,
they sow you for the fertility of the land,
A moment of silence,
Time has anguished hence,
From seconds to decades,
This lonely path abides,
Beyond the vast oceans,
Peace and harmony dwell,
Each night comes to set,
Each sunrise, each sunset,
Be a symbol of a ceaseless
Flow of time as cascades,
Yesterday seems dead,
As a tree of leaves withered
Though been here long enough but hands empty,
This is tough but no laugh,
I take a step after another
Farther and farther away,
Away from the yesterday
To the rhythms of tomorrow,
There’s the tomorrow,
Beyond the Oceans,
Farther away from yesterday,
farther away from pains that rains within my veins,
for the first time A radiant smile across my face,
All I have is ashes of yesterday,
this world nature full of pleasant silent voices
The reeks of honey bees,
The soft inaudible whisper of flowers,
the silent rains,
The cascades,
This world of freedom,
Perhaps free from doom,
Beyond the Vast Oceans,
Happiness reigns in the rain,