No one knows all the things I’ve been through
No one shares the joy, laughter, tears and sadness that we shared.
Nobody can tell our story better than us.
No one knows the pain I felt.
No one knows what happened behind closed doors.
No one knows about all the things you put me through,
The hurt and suffering you inflicted on me.
The agony state I was in.

Everyone sees smiles and glows.
They don’t know the truth.
They see things through rose coloured glasses.
What can be seen as ugly or bad through beautiful coloured glasses?
What can people tell about something they don’t even know?
What is a tale without trace?

No one knows the feeling I had
The reactions that my body took
All they know is what they see
All they believe is what their eyes tell them
All of a sudden you leave me because of people –
Who weren’t even there when we started our destiny
You take me for granted and forget that I won’t always be here
But no one knows what is in store for us