Sometimes being notorious
It is not too good
I know when you don’t have money
People don’t take you seriously
You have to hustle to get food
But it is up to you which life you choose
That will be an obligation in your future

Brother you have tried all
The things to prove to all
The people who were discriminating against you
After you dropped out of school
You didn’t take that as a fall
When people thought you were a fool
You didn’t notice that your life was in wool

You failed to choose the right friends
You ended up joining the bad band
You didn’t glance that your life was coming to an end
Because of your night-rider friends
Those who used you
To benefit the crown in their hands

They used to warn you
But you never listen
I used to tell you
That crime never pays

But that was so ignorant of you
And you even do the worst
By doing the housebreaking
But you didn’t think of challenges you would face
You didn’t check that your life was reaching its fate
Because of the crown you chased

Now I see that the case is closed
Rest in peace we will never forget you
We don’t know who took your life
There is no need to open the files
Wherever you are,
Know that you will always be in our hearts
And my tears may fall
But I know I have played my role
Of being a big brother to you

I felt broken
The time I saw your mother’s tears
The words mumbling
Because of the pain she feels
Because of the memory she has of you
Because of the hope she has

The hope of seeing you grow
And be your own man
But all of a sudden
She received a call
Notifying her that you didn’t make it
In a scene you were involved in
And it’s still hard to accept
That you are really gone

May God be with you
On the journey you took
May He give his power to your mom
To deal with her loss
Because you left without
Saying goodbye

She was waiting for you
The whole night
Hoping to see you in the morning
But she woke up with the shocking news
That left her heart with bruises
Rest in peace, brother