Never dress yourself in borrowed robes
If there is one thing I learnt from Macbeth
It’s that dressing
Yourself in borrowed robes will only
Lead to your downfall.

You may think it’s better to pretend
To be somebody else but it’s
not – you’re just setting yourself up
for disappointment.
Pretending to be somebody else means
that people end up loving &
looking up to an ideal instead of you.

I prefer to know somebody without masks
Without them being dressed up
Show me your imperfections
Show me the real you.

Nobody trusts something that is perfect
You know like the week is going great &
Someone will be like, “Yeah but
when is the other shoe gonna drop?”
It’s human nature to be curious.

I only want to see everybody succeed
And that’s not going to happen if you’re pretending

The truth is you can pretend as much as you like
But you will always ask yourself at the end of the day,
“Is it really worth it?”
And the answer is no it is not.
Don’t give up your sense of self &
uniqueness just because you think
You don’t fit their standards.
Stop letting society tell you what to be.

Those voices get louder
And you get quieter
No! Don’t – you should be screaming back at them.
You should scream so loud that you silence those voices.
Rise up & keep your head high.

Stare the world straight in the eyes and say,
“This is who I am. I am happy with it.
I am not changing just because
you don’t like me. It’s time I set
my own standards for me. Society
does not get to tell me who I should be!
I am me & that ain’t
changing. If that bothers you
you’re welcome to leave because I don’t
need somebody who’s only going to
break me down. I will always rise up
for that is my strength.”

This is how you should live.
Set your own standards.
Write your own story
And determine your own fate.

If you were meant to be anybody but yourself
You would’ve been.
In a world that is growing cold & hateful
remember that it is our
capacity to feel emotion that sets us apart
& makes us human.

The truth is nothing is easy
But that’s what makes it worth it.
We are human
And that’s what makes it so magnificent
To be unique.