A human life is like a song.
Some songs are badly written;
tunes we would like to forget.

Some songs are marvelous;
tunes we can’t get enough of.
Before a song is conceived;
a beat is made…

So are our fates.
Our fates are written…
by the beats we are born in.
Some are born in classic beats;
others, in rock metal.

Whether a jingle or melodic
we write the lyrics of our lives.
Lyrics? To our lives? Choices?
Whether good or bad,
rich or poor,
we are all given a pen and paper.

We are all artists of our own;
Is there bad art?
Not all tunes are to be loved.
Do we then become critics?

Why is it that we sell our art?
Why are there many similar tunes?
Do we find refuge in another’s input?
Why do we mind our brother’s tune?
Why are we not satisfied?
How long is your song?