I wrote this poem with Simon Masango in mind. I hope he finds closure.

They say they thought I’d have healed already,
That I’d have gotten over the pain
What do they think?
That I’ll sleep and forget my child?
He was everything to me.
I become a better man for him.
I made good and admirable decisions about my life.
Made a success…
I wanted an empire, one he could live to
I wanted to leave a legacy for him.
And he left…

He was young, very young
Had not even got to the age of going to school
Had not yet experienced nor tasted life
And they have the audacity to ask me such questions!
I wanted to see you grow,
I wanted to be your role-model,
I wanted to be your best friend.
The one you came to for advice
I wanted you to tell me you love me, that I am the coolest dad
My son, daddy will always love you… even in your grave.