The torment from within is
Unbearable, words I say
Mean nothing, my actions
Are worthless, my emotions
Intoxicated by anger, I feel
My heart bleed, I am alone
In this abyss, with all the hope
I put to the ones I love, but
I ask myself why they hate me.

Even though I cry on my knees,
I am shackled and bound by those
Who I thought would protect me,
In this gruesome world I fear the
Worst. But hope stands strong
Beside me, even though tens of
Thousands of my enemies strike me
When I am wounded, I will not stop.

I will not plead for mercy, I will not
Give up, I will rise, I will stand, I will fight,
I will win, I will carry my wounded heart,
For I know pain is temporary, unfazed by fear,
My undisputed victory is near.