She kept me as her own,
Protected me in her womb,
Raised me like her little prince,
Taught me how to love,
And through all of this,
I began to see just how much I’m loved.

When I was running away from trouble,
Lost and making mistakes,
You caught me and taught me how to deal with them,
Helped me become better.
No one dared to hurt me for you were by my side.
From then on I respected you and I saw my idol in you.

You had a way of soothing my broken heart.
Loneliness was an uncommon feeling for me,
For I always had you.
What more could you ask for, when you have a mother’s love?

I always did my best to make you proud
When I had achieved great things and succeeded,
You were there, standing and waiting with your arms wide open for me.
And when I saw that smile on your face,
It became my mission to make it stay.
Only my mother’s smile could warm my heart
So a happy mother meant a happy me.

You had too much on your shoulders,
So I helped out with my siblings.
I never asked why we didn’t have a father,
For you were our father figure.
But when I saw your silent tears
In the middle of the night,
I felt disappointed in myself.

I always thought about myself,
Cared for myself only and was as selfish as I could be.
But I learned to stop my ways so you could be free.
Every night, you’d lie beside us.
You’d cuddle with me and tell us stories of your childhood,
They were so silly that we always stayed up late,
So we could hear just another one.

You made sure we had food on the table,
Raised my brothers and me,
To become your little princes.
I would wake up early to see your smile,
And sleep late, when you cried.
You taught me to be kind, generous, honest and to never break a girl’s heart.
But the heart I promised to never break was my mother’s.
You were always the one to silence us when we broke into a fight.

And now all we want with us is you.
I promise we’ve been good boys,
I always prepare for the next day.
But without you here, we’re lost.
Back then we had you, always there to guide us.
There’s no one to trust, so,
Who do we turn to when we’re broken?
Who will tell us silly stories just to help us sleep?
Who would care enough to worry for us?

A mother’s love is a blessing.
And I was blessed enough to have a mother like you.
And now you’re gone,
The only reason behind the smile I had.
You told me to follow my dreams and be honest with myself.
Everything I ever dreamt of had you in it.
So how am I supposed to do any of that
When you’re not with me any more?

When you left, you took everything with you.
Father never came back,
So I had to look after your little boys.
We are still family,
But without a home for it was you.

How many more nights will I cry myself to sleep?
When will you come and soothe me,
Take away the pain in my heart once again?

May your soul rest in peace, mother.
I hope to see you again.