Don’t be afraid,
Never take their words,
They might slaughter you,
Be who you are,
Walk your path,
Make your mind your bath,
Never allow downfall,
Dream big my child,
Remember it’s your choice,
Life is your parturition,
Take courage,
There’s a lot to conquer,
If you drown,
Wear your crown,
Situation is never certain,
Learn to crawl,
You are the talk,
Stand tall,
Be careful of life tail,
Forget about fame,
Be in the game,
Sip your own article,
You are the particle,
Hope is your daily motivation,
Reign in your throne,
Make an empire,
Lead by example,
Look outside the window,
There’s a rainbow of success,
Your eyesight is your rapture,
Child of mine never worry,
Life is your theme,
Make a frame,
Forget about friends,
They are your downfall,
Sing your own lyrics,
Be ready for your challenges,
Never give up,
Tie your thoughts.