Two woman and I am caught in the middle.
I am just a one woman man in the love triangle
The Trudy I can’t live without and the Thabi that helped me when I was single
I am not a cheater I am caught in the middle

Do I choose my Trudy to split on my rescuer’s face?
Do I lie to both of them and rehearse for the music I’ll have to face?
Do I choose Love and honesty to leave one with a grumpy face?
do I choose my woman’s warm love or fall for my lovers pretty face?

I am caught in the middle of love and the fling
I am caught flirting with the fling
Trudy silently rolled the tears down her pretty cheeks

She never voices to expresses how she feels
Sadly, I never dreamed of being a reason she heals
Thabi calls in the middle of that deal
What do I say, don’t ever call me again or do I swallow a chill pill?
Truday walks away and I am still trying to get her to hill
Thabi wants something real.