A woman is an endless power.
A woman is an eternal fire.
She’s a goddess, she changes history.
She’s a lioness, she roars victory.
She’s a woman with ambition.
She’s heated up with determination.

She’s not afraid to chase her dreams.
To follow her heart to wherever it leads.
She’s determined and strong.
She works hard to be where she belongs.
She’s a dreamer, her dreams will never go down the drain.
She makes sure to flourish and fly like a plane.
She’s content, humble and stays in her own lane.

She stands as tall as time.
She is as fine as wine.
She’s pregnant with passion,
Like the clouds when pregnant with rain and thunder.
She constantly upgrades her life like fashion;
She’s constantly trying to feed her hunger.

She fills herself with self-love.
And she praises the man above.
She carries herself with pride;
She treads with caution.
She’s beautiful and wise;
She has a great reputation.

She uplifts her sisters’ crowns;
She applauds them and cheers.
She makes sure she’s heard loud
And clear.

Being a woman is a job, a career.
She always lights up the atmosphere.
She is pure gold.
She’s a precious treasure, from young to old.
She is wisdom.
She is freedom.

My sisters confide in me;
Let me ease your pain.
My fellow woman don’t be afraid to ask help from me;
Let me help you adjust your crown and begin our reign.