Oh but a few cages left without captives
Going to and fro taking their liberties
Should I settle my debt with my debtor?
There will be no need for him to issue a letter
Yes I will pocket their treasures making my way to the bank
My name shall be restored to the men of the highest rank
When I get to my victims this I will say
Let love lead and a sound mind pave the way
I shall lure them in my snare with a warm smile
Evacuating the moth and rust in them should not take a while
In a tick of time will I round up the catch
Today I caught 3 lambs whom I will take as one batch
A check list with names I carry with me always
After this catch, it shall be the beginning of many heydays
Now I sit and wait for the letter of gratification
For I know indeed that I shall be filled with great satisfaction
The letter includes my train tickets, how I achieved my goals!
Tell him Beelzebub to let loose of my last souls.