I have never loved a human being like I loved you.
My soul knows that well.
I tried sending cues that, in my heart, you matter.
However it seems they fell on deaf ears and blind eyes.
You just couldn’t see that ndiyazifela ngawe.

At the crossroad of life when you had to choose I was
Not your option. No matter how many
Melodies in my heart I sang that “I love you”
It did not hit home. I now know, you never
Felt the same way I felt about you.

Today I am bidding farewell to you, to the last memory
That reminds me of you; today I have to teach myself
Not to miss you though it hurts so.

I now close my heart. Like an envelope I am rolling it away
Unlike Adele I am not sure I am going to find someone like you.
Maybe I don’t need someone like you.

I am saying goodbye,
Setting you free from my heart, mind, and life.
It may be the hardest wish
But I really hope our paths don’t cross again.
I wish for amnesia that will make me
Forget your face, forget you because
Thinking of you hurts me; it brings tears to my eyes.

Goodbye my friend.
Unlike Rebecca I won’t say
“Hamba Majuba bayokuthola phambili.”
Just like Whitney Houston I wish you well
And wish most of all that you find love.
As for me, this my final goodbye, to me and you,
To us if that really existed.
It’s my prayer that I don’t ever see you again
Because you have made your choice
And it’s not me, unfortunately.