You’re the one, who brought joy to my heart,
The one I told myself I would always treasure in my life,
The one who showed me life of being a father to someone,
The one who brought darkness into light,
The one who made me feel proud to have, when I thought I wouldn’t.

You always made your mother jealous about you,
For I gave all my attention to you,
As we should have together towards you,
You always brought me home earlier from work
For me to just come hold you in my arms
Until the day your mum decided to take you away from me,
Until she decided to kill the love I had inside of you.

I never stopped loving you my daughter
For you were the only thing I could never stop thinking of.
You are the only one I always pray for to be safe and come back home to me,
For you were always safe in my arms and warmed by my heart
You are the smile that shines in my heart when I think of you,
I never left you but you were taken away from me,
I went to courts fighting for you to come back to me.

I always think of you my child and I feel sad you’re nowhere to be found,
Even though they told me that they were doing me a favour to be born to them,
For people with my condition are not supposed to have kids with people
Who have a dark skin like them?
Your mum destroyed my life when she tried to kill me for loving you, my child,
She tried to control my life because of the love you brought to my heart
And the joy I had in me about you.

I never treated her like a nobody or took her as the first lady
Or acted like she was not mine
But treated her as equal as you,
I always gave her the love I gave to you
But still at the end she wanted to make money from me about you,
I love you my child I will always do,