Katlego and Dineo I love you like you’re my kids
Even though you’re not born of me
I still love you like my kids
The fact is that you’re my kids
Kids that make me proud to be your father
Even though you’re not my blood.

I love you both as my own kids
And you shine too in my heart
You always complete my heart when I’m around you
You never judged me as a person not to be your father
You always took me as your family
Even though I was never one
You’ve always shown me how great I am to be your father.

You gave me more reasons to love you more
You always showed me the love I had inside of me
You always gave me a reason to be alive
You always made me feel like a father
And always thought of my own kids
When other people saw me as nothing in the community
Yes! I love your mother as you too

I will always be there for you
Even if things do not go well with me and your mother
For I’ll always give you the love I have for you
Even though I am far away from you
I love you my kids and I will never stop loving you
My kids Katlego and Dineo.