Stop bragging at me my future
I’m building a bridge towards you,
Swallowed my pride
I’m left with a price to pay
My ambition
My craving for better things took me into the jungle
And I made my way out of the forest,
Throughout frost saw my tears melting in a blizzard,
With my bare feet I enthused forward,
For failure was mounting behind
So frantic, my heart fractured when schools were burnt
Because of the Government fiasco,
Terror became a tenant in our teacher’s hearts,
For they were weak after the conflict
Had to replicate a class for time was delayed
Yet no one was liable,
Tried to renounce but scarcity reminded me of my dreams and visions.
They said quit and I rose to become a hero,
Made it to the other side now they call for my aid,
But the bridge is too tiny to carry them.