My dear son,

25 years ago, on this day God blessed me with a beautiful son.
He trusted me to do everything that was needed
To nurture and to love you. And I did just that
Today you are celebrating your birthday in heaven
Unlike others’ mothers I cannot send you a birthday card,
Or give you hugs or small kisses all around your face,
Or even spoil you with birthday gifts,
I never knew that this time would come again
Where I had to bury another child
If only God asked me to take your place instead
I wouldn’t have hesitated.
No parent should ever have to bury a child, but here I am
A grieving mother of TWO

My son, why did you go away so soon?
I have so many unanswered questions about what went wrong
Why God had to take my son away from me?
But I guess your wings were ready to fly
But my heart wasn’t ready to see you go
I was not ready to lose you, I was not ready to lose another child.
I wanted to hold my baby boy for the last time and kiss goodbye
I feel so empty, because half of my heart is gone
No one knows my heartache or how many times
I have broken down and cried when someone mentioned your name,
For you answered God’s call sooner than I expected

Now I will never see you laugh or smile again
But not until I meet you in heaven
I knew I was strong the day you went away
Because when you left, you took a part of me with you
Today I know that grief is the price you pay for loving
My baby boy it’s often said that time will heal the pain
But I don’t think my heart will ever heal
Because not even time can bring you back to me or change how I feel

Now that you’ve been gone I am just reflecting
On memories of the past, memories that remind me
Of how it was when you were with me
But I still wish I had you because
Living without you was the hardest thing to do
My eyes always search for you in the sky
And my heart longs to find you in heaven one day

Your birthday is here today, I want you to know
How much I deeply love you and I miss you dearly.
Have a blast of a time with the angels in heaven
And enjoy your day with your sister.
If only I could send you a hug in heaven and feel your embrace.