Let’s communicate
Technology may evacuate
From zero as they innovate
But our simple way to communicate
Will remain the same till late.

Communication developed
From faxing to email,
Mxit to Whatsapp.
Facebook to Twitter
But ours is constant.

Telephones are wise you hear the real audio
Than just reading the written
Skype call is wiser you get to hear the audio
And visualise; less lies are spoken
Than just listening to lies through audio

I always communicate
When I’m happy nor sad.
Tears and broken heart are fixed.
Talking, knowing you are heard,
Heals the unseen wounds.

Let’s communicate
And before we do;let’s evaluate,
The required authorities to communicate.
Network is lost due to natural hazards,but on my convo,
You loose it due to the choice you make.

Let’s communicate and speak our mind
Release your hidden thoughts
Through communication.
Free yourself and communicate