Do you remember when you said you loved me mama?
Do you remember?
I think you lied
Do you remember when you said all was well and I believed you?
Well I don’t believe you now
Do you remember when you said you won’t leave me?

You sat there and lied to my face!
Cause you are not here now!
I remember all your words
And fake promises!
Yes you left me!

You left me and you never looked back
You left me and you didn’t even say goodbye
I hate you!
I hate you!
Don’t tell me it’s because death happened!

I take it back,I love you
I love you mama
I miss you
I miss you so much it hurts

I feel resentful!
I feel so bitter!
I feel like I could really hate you right now
I feel like I could pull my heart

Chop it into pieces
You stuck a knife and twisted it too
Syncopating the twists to your last breaths
Let it stop beating
Then maybe,
Just maybe I will find peace and serenity
Death ate my heart out!

You walked right on and left me behind
I still feel the pain like it was yesterday
I am broken
Look what you did
You broke my heart

It’s shattered
It’s crushed
I am petrified
Yes I am because tomorrow has fallen right on my lap
And I don’t know what to do with it
God forbid,I won’t shed a tear

Not for you because you are gone
But hey,my eyes just won’t stop crying!
What to do now?
what now?

Your memories haunt me
Wait,your memories inspire me
They make me smile as much as they make me cry
Mummy,oh my wonderful mummy

Death,the only thing that is inevitable in life
Death punched me right in the face
Was it death or maybe it was life?
Life happened!
Time happened!
But it’s ok

I will carry on without you
I will live and learn to love without you
I will fall and get up without you
Honestly,I love you
I respect you
I will be strong like you
I will love like you did
Give like you did

Be humble as you were
Be bold as you were
Be brave as you were
And be courageous just like you were
Oh my
I miss you

Wherever you are I hope they are treating you right
I hope they are giving you the applause you deserve
Because you were amazing
Beautifully amazing
That’s just what you were