It took me long to understand your love
But from now on!
I shall renounce the world in your love
When the waves arise they always go back to the shore
Just like when the memories arise
They are always kept in our hearts and minds

Your love is pure
I am enhanced by the beauty of your love
Your love always prevails over everything
Nothing is bigger than a mother’s love
You are a pillar of strength
A shoulder to cry on

A day without you or your love
Puts a feeling in my chest when I think about it
The feeling is like a hole in my heart; except that
There’s this soreness around the edges of emptiness
But when you are with me
All the soreness disappears into thin air

Nothing is greater than a mother’s love
A mother’s love is…a beautiful flower
Wild yet so divine
Your love is the greatest thing
One could ever ask for
That’s a mother’s love