Your depth lives
Naked men ruined your streams
They pierced your soul to the end
But your power remained
In your wisdom, a nation was born
Though your throne misplaced,
The arrogant belittling,
A queen you are, never died
Because we the people know who you are to us

Mother of the river
The jungle bows to your service
The streets know your duties
The mocking birds hate your divinity
Until the day you ran dry
I can never be thankful enough,
How in seasons of pain, you kept tough
And were left out when chameleon men took charge

Mother of the river
Your power is never in the forgotten scripts
In our archives
Those history tried to distort
Mother of the river
Your fight taught us self-knowledge
Forever, we shall be grateful for your existence
What a wonderful experience you are

Mother of the river,
You never bow to the incomplete rainbow
For you knew your children, grief still rained
Let peace be with your soul
And your undying spirit continues to guide us
To be aware of what we deserve