You need more than just a man to love one woman
Someone with dreams, someone who knows what he wants
Someone who would not use a lame excuse
Like, “I’m human.”
Someone who would text you in the middle of the day
To tell you how much he misses you
Someone who don’t have any excuses not to see you
But I mean a man who would do anything just to be with you

A man who would call you pretty when you look at your worst
I mean a man who neglects his friends not to be fake
But to make his woman his first
A man who will take his time to get to know you
And tell you how he feels
A man who will remember your name
Mention it when he’s praying on his knees

A man who will ask to meet you
Just to give you a kiss
And now that you think back
And find you never had that man
Because you didn’t know what you deserve
It’s okay, it’s fine coz now I’m here

Willing to be more than just a man…
Willing to be “that man” baby
Your man