When I was born I never knew
That life could be so difficult
But when I took my first breath
I felt that I am on earth
And started to face the reality

I have been questioning myself
That why am I on earth?
I have asked myself this question day by day
But I could not find an answer for it
I ended up leaving everything in the hands of God
And vowed to do my best in everything in this world
And God will do the rest
I shall overcome all the challenges I will face in this world In his name

I thank the Lord for keeping me alive till this day
And for keeping my soul in my flesh
And for protecting me and guiding me
Throughout my whole life
Even when I was still sharing my breath with my mom

I thank God for keeping both my parents alive
Till this day
And for being there from me
Even when I took my first baby steps till this day
And for grooming me and for the support
And the warm love they give me

Thank God for giving me a chance to live
And explore things in this lovely world of ours a
Ad get a chance to learn and teach my own children one day
And protect them from all the harmful things of this world Until they are strong enough to breathe
And stand up firmly by themselves

And may the Lord’s light shine on the them
And protect and bless them throughout their lives